Many soon-to-be parents look forward to the day they can get a first glimpse of their future child. For most, that's during the ultrasound.

One Denver company wants to change that.

Chris Glode developed an app where parents can see their baby's potential traits based on DNA.

"We've tried to make it so you can get a quick glimpse at your baby, but as you dig deeper you can learn more and more about the science as you dig in," Glode said.

It's called BABYGlimpse and the company says it allows parents to see things like what hair color, eye color, lactose tolerance and other traits their child may have.

This is how it works: you and your partner receive a DNA testing kit. You take a sample of your saliva and send it back. Within two to four weeks, your results are forwarded to BABYGlimpse where they analyze it. When they're done, you can download the app and start learning.

"Any two people, regardless of their level of scientific background, can dig in and understand their own genetics and how they can combine," Glode said.

Afton Wilson and Tyler Browning are excited to get their results.

"Now we can do this, get more insight way ahead of time before the boy is in the world and kind of understand who he is," Browning said. "It's another conversation piece for us to keep the baby close."

"We call it sunshine science, but this can be fun and informative as well as medically valuable," Glode said. "Our hope is that we can show people the brighter side if genetics."

BabyGlimpse costs almost $350. Glode urges couples who want to learn more about inherited diseases to make sure they contact their doctor.