We have our first close-up of the Denver Zoo's new baby sloth.

The baby was first seen by the public last Thursday. For it's first two weeks, the baby sloth has mostly been high up in the Bird World exhibit.

The Denver Zoo posted the new close-up on their Facebook page Friday.

The bundle of joy was born on January 28 to proud parents Charlotte and Elliot.

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The zoo said the “baby clung to Charlotte immediately after birth” and “will remain attached to her almost exclusively for at least six months.”

Clingy? Maybe, but scientists say that’s just what sloths do.

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The baby is Charlotte and Elliot’s first, and was the subject of intense speculation by some folks in the Denver community as the Zoo launched a social media campaign that used mysterious ultrasound images to tease the new arrival.

If you plan to visit Charlotte and the baby, the Zoo has a caveat: the view could be impaired by the “foliage or Charlotte’s embrace.”