There were 45.7 inches of snow on the ground in Denver on December 5, 1913.

For four days, a massive blizzard hit Colorado. It remains the largest snowstorm recorded in Denver's history.

A man with a shovel poses on steps outside the Capitol building near snow drifts after the snowstorm of 1913 (Photo: Denver Public Library)

According to the Denver Public Library, the snow began on December 1 and continued through December 5 leaving the city blanketed under more than 3.5 feet of snow.

Pedestrians trudge through snow on Welton and Sixteenth streets in the snowstorm of 1913 in Denver (Photo: Denver Public Library)

Some mountain communities saw even more astounding numbers: Georgetown recorded 86 inches and Estes Park had 53 inches of snow, according to the website Weather5280.

Huge piles of snow stand in front of the First National Bank at the corner of Eureka and Main street in Central City, Colorado, after the "Big Snow" in December of 1913 (Photo: Denver Public Library)

More than 100 years later, we still have not come close to breaking that record.

The second biggest blizzard was in 2003, when 31.8 inches of snow fell in Denver.

You can see a full gallery of the 1913 blizzard from the Denver Public Library: