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2 officers, deputy among City of Denver employees fired over vaccines

9Wants to Know reveals 23 Denver city employees have been dismissed for not getting a vaccine under the city's mandate – 611 employees received exemptions.

DENVER — Before he was dismissed from the Denver police force, Officer Jonathan Christian wrote in a statement he would not get vaccinated and would not wear a mask amid the city’s vaccine mandate, 9Wants to Know has learned. 

Officer Christian is among 23 city employees who have been dismissed for noncompliance of the vaccine mandate that was announced in early August. 

City employees had until Sept. 30 to get vaccinated or get a medical or religious exemption – 9Wants to Know obtained city records that show they city's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure, or DOTI, has the most employees, six, who have been terminated for not complying with the city's vaccine mandate. 

Other city departments who have terminated employees include the city attorney's office, Denver International Airport, Human Services, Parks and Recreation and the public library. 

The 611 employees out of a total of 11,000 city employees who were granted exemptions are expected to undergo routine COVID testing, per city rules. 

“I will not agree to be poked and prodded on a weekly basis with COVID tests. I will not agree to wear a mask or stay six feet away from my peers,” Officer Christian said in a statement he submitted to the city as part of the exemption process back in August. 

9Wants to Know found 90% of the exemptions requested by city employees were granted, mostly on religious claims. 

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Christian was fired on Oct. 28, according to a notice of discipline obtained by 9Wants to Know. 

Christian was among seven Denver Police employees who attempted to sue the city over its vaccine mandate. The lawsuit was tossed out of court by a judge. 

Records from the Department of Safety show Detective Jose Diaz of the police department was also fired for not complying with the vaccine mandate. 

Deputy Marcel Samora was also fired from the Denver Sheriff Department, according to records, for refusing to get vaccinated. 



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