DENVER — Brighton Police Department Officer Anna Marie Cuney is now a detective … and this isn’t just any promotion.

The 18-year veteran of the department became a detective after battling cancer, all while serving her community.

“I’m feeling like I’m back to normal,” Cuney said. “Like I have a normal life again.”

Cuney was diagnosed with breast cancer nine months ago. She underwent surgery last spring, and despite five months of chemo and five weeks of radiation, she continued doing light duty for Brighton police.

She’s now cancer-free, and is excited for where her new role takes her.

“It’s kind of phenomenal, in a good way, how something … the cancer can take everything from you, and just make you feel that what kind of life you had before is no longer in existence,” Cuney said. “If you can have a sense of normalcy again, it’s helpful.”

Congratulations on your new role, detective, and thank you for serving our community!