Because of a printer's error, not everyone was able to get their copy of the Colorado election 'blue book.' You know what they are - the little cheat sheets that cover all ballot measures and judges on the ballot.

If you're in the group that hasn't gotten their booklet yet, you can get it online. You can also email the Legislative Council about the trouble at this link.

The cause of the mix-up, according to a release from the Secretary of State's office, is "a printer's processing settings defaulted to physical addresses instead of mailing addresses so in 36 counties where residents get their mail via Post Office boxes the books were not delivered."

VOTER GUIDE | 9NEWS has its own 'blue book' in the form of our voting guide!

Other voters got books but some had pages missing.

All this to say, again, that you can get a full copy of the book at this link. 9NEWS is looking deeper into the error and will have more shortly - so check back soon if you're into complex political printing issues.

Also, the Secretary of State would like to remind everyone in the state that THEY DO NOT PRINT the books. In their release, the office felt it necessary to bold and underline the text reminding the media and public that they don't print or issue the books.

That's actually up to the nonpartisan Legislative Council and the Legislative Council says that 90,000 books already have been resent and county clerks around the state have been given extra books.

For general info, the 'blue book' itself carries information on the 13 statewide ballot measures including the believed pros and cons for each one and potential economic impacts. The book also has a section on the local judges up for reelection (and whether or not they managed to meet performance standards).