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Lasagna Mama helping provide a meal for families in need

Lasagna Mama started as a way to help families in Massachusetts, now it's spreading across the country and is here in Colorado.

DENVER — People helping people, that's the Colorado spirit. And we've seen it more these days; neighbors rising up to help their communities as so many families struggle during the coronavirus pandemic.

In this week's "The Feed" Kylie Bearse introduces us to Lasagna Love -
which just made its way into Colorado's homes.

"I love it! I love it," said Becky Scharfenberg. She loves making lasagnas every week for families in her community.

"I have delivered to eight families already."

Scharfenberg learned about Lasagna Love a few weeks back and knew immediately she wanted to rise to the challenge.

"I have a real passion for feeding people," said Scharfenberg. "No matter if they're related to me or not I tend to make a lot of food all the time."

Rihannon Menn started Lasagna Love in Massachusetts when the pandemic began. The idea was to gift families a meal when they needed one.

"This is a way that people like myself can make a meal, delivery it to a family and know that you're giving back to your community without any contact," said Scharfenberg.

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It quickly spread across the country, and when Scharfenberg saw the interview on the Today Show. When she realized didn't have a chapter, she stepped up and made it happen. She helps connect Lasagna Mamas and Papas to families.

"We have about 50 chefs right now," said Becky. "I get matched every Monday or Tuesday to four different families, I contact them via text."

Then she drops off the meals on their doorsteps, making the delivery completely contact-free.

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"It's really nice because my phone just fills up with 'thank you so much,' 'I can't believe people are doing this,'" she said. "It's a lot of feel good, a lot of feel good which is great which is why I do it.

It's a one-time meal delivery and anyone can sign up to receive one.

For more information visit https://www.lasagnalove.org/.

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