Two weeks down, two more to go.

I’ve successfully finished 14-some days of living credit card free, all part of this month’s “Over It” series.

Wouldn’t you know, choosing paper over plastic isn’t really that difficult.

I admit, sometimes I still chose plastic. I used my debit card for some online shopping, but hey, it’s the holiday season, and a girl needs to take advantage of all those sales.

I haven’t noticed too many lifestyle changes, other than the way I go about budgeting. Now I make sure to have some wiggle room in the budget, knowing I won’t be able to fall back on the credit card.

I did buy some new heels the other day, but I used my debit card because I just couldn’t resist. I’ve kept the frivolous purchases to a minimum otherwise...I promise!

I’ve also found really great resources and support across the board.

My credit card company has a feature where I can check my credit score, as many companies do. They take it up a notch, though, by giving me suggestions to improve said score, individually tailored to the way I spend and make payments.

I’ll be implementing some of those ideas over the next two weeks and we’ll see where it takes me and my score.

I’ve also seen and heard so much support from wonderful people across Colorado. So many reached out after I introduced this idea at the beginning of December. Most told me about how they also live without credit cards, and how great they feel about it. It was wonderful to hear, and thank you all for sharing. The support made this seem even more manageable.

I have two more weeks to go, but at this rate, I don’t think the credit card will ever dominate my financial life again.

Cash and debit it is! Fingers crossed, I’ll have another update next week.