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Next Question: Has there been any effort to resurrect DIA’s failed ‘baggage system from hell?’

Denver International Airport's opening was delayed for 16 months by an expensive automated baggage system that didn't work.

DENVER — Back in the early 1990s, the opening of the new Denver International Airport was actually delayed 16 months by what was supposed to be an innovative, automated baggage system that involved 22 miles of tracks and conveyor belts.

This system never actually worked, and during a media demonstration, “it launched, chewed up, and spit out bags so often, it became known as the baggage system from hell,” NBC News reported (hats off to the Denver Business Journal for finding this gem).

And this leads to today’s Next Question.

Technology has come a long way since 1995. I would image the cutting edge baggage system at DIA is still in place after they gave up on it. Have they made any attempt, since the original colossal failure, to resurrect that beast? Next viewer Robert asked.

The system is actually still underground at the airport, but there are no plans to bring it back to life.

Now, airport workers use underground tunnels and carts between the terminal and the concourse to move baggage.

MSNBC did a story on the baggage system a few years ago. Watch the video below to see exactly why it was dubbed the “baggage system from hell.”

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