Eight candidates are left standing for the two major parties after Saturday’s state conventions.

Four Republicans and four Democrats.

But a few of them are still waiting to see if they turned in enough valid signatures to the secretary of state’s office.

These five have already earned a spot on their party’s ballot for the June 26 primary:

  • Cary Kennedy (D)
  • Jared Polis (D)
  • Mike Johnston (D)
  • Walker Stapleton (R)
  • Greg Lopez (R)

As of Monday, these three are still waiting on verification of their signature petitions:

  • Donna Lynne (D)
  • Doug Robinson (R)
  • Victor Mitchell (R)

For the Democrats, Polis was the only candidate to both turn in a petition and try to win a place on the ballot at the state convention.

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Because he won a ballot slot at the state convention, the secretary of state’s office stopped counting his signatures—which is actually good news for Lynne. Polis had gathered a lot of signatures and anyone who signed both candidates’ petitions would have counted for Polis because he turned his in first.

Robinson and Mitchell will still face that problem with Stapleton’s petition, even though he asked for it to be tossed out. Because his signature petition was certified by the secretary of state’s office, any voter that signed his petition would not count for the two Republicans still waiting.

The primary election will be held June 26, and new this year - it will be open to all registered, unaffiliated voters, too.

To register to vote or change registration information online, go to govotecolorado.com or text “CO” to “2Vote”. You can also register or change your registration by going to your county clerk's offices.