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What will the next presidential debates be like?

9NEWS spoke to a pollster about Tuesday night's event and what to expect from the next two debates.

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Tuesday night was a debate in name only if you ask David Flaherty.

He's CEO and founder of Magellan Strategies, a conservative-leaning polling firm based in Louisville, CO. 

“Donald Trump prevented this from actually being a debate," Flaherty said. "I think that he was really pressing the envelope on his interruptions and his aggressiveness towards Vice President Biden.”

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Flaherty said 8% to 9% of Coloradans are undecided, and those voters may not have actually tuned in to watch the debate.

"They don’t watch debates. They don’t follow politics," Flaherty said. "They’re unaffiliated or undecided because they have other interests, yet they will vote in an election."

Flaherty said he didn't think President Trump helped his cause to win over undecided voters Tuesday.

The pollster also wondered if former Vice President Joe Biden's team was weighing the option of skipping the next two presidential debates. Flaherty pointed to Biden's current edge in battleground states.

"If there can’t be a debate where Joe Biden can paint a picture and tell voters and Americans how he plans on leading the country, there’s no point in having the debate," Flaherty said. "Two, Donald Trump has shown he will not listen to the rules and he will do whatever he wants.”

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Flaherty suggested leaders have more to lose with a poor debate performance or gaffe than not participating in a debate at all.

“I think there are more advantages than disadvantages for Joe Biden’s team to not do the debates," Flaherty said.

On the other hand, Flaherty suggested debates can be hard to pass up when so many votes are on the line.

“You’re never going to have a bigger audience and the attention of the American people to make your case that you want to make about why you should be the next president," he said.


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