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Guitarist goes viral for shredding national anthem at Jaguars game

The internet took notice of Paul Wane's mullet, sunglasses, Jags jersey and amazing guitar skills.
Credit: First Coast News
Paul Wane of Jacksonville playing the Star Spangled Banner on Saturday before the Jaguars vs. Titans game.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida native Paul Wane is now a viral sensation after playing the National Anthem during the opening ceremony for the Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans matchup.

Paul Wane started playing the guitar at just 8 years old. He’s played on big stages before with his band the 'Duval County Line', but never in front of a crowd like at TIAA bank field.

““It is probably one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever had while performing," Paul Wane, said.

He wasn't only playing for a crowd of thousands of strangers, and the millions watching at home, Standing on the field with him was his family and the man who gave Wane his first guitar ever, his uncle.

"This one was big, my mom was standing on the field, my uncle Chet was there. My beautiful Lisa was there watching, it was just fantasist it was almost surreal," Wane said.

His performance posted online racked up over 3,000 likes and was shared nearly 400 times.

Some commented this is the most Jacksonville thing ever. The biggest question… mullet or just long hair?

“I’d like to say for the record it’s not a mullet it’s a receding hair line," Wane said.

When it comes to Wane's new found fame...

“I don’t even own a computer so I don’t know twitter and Instagram and all that. But apparently I’m viral and I’m trending. Or whatever it’s called. Do you need medicine if you go viral? I’m really new to this. But it’s pretty overwhelming to have all this attention. It’s humbling very humbling," Wane said. 

When he’s not firing up a crowd of thousands Wane runs a foundation called “Guitars 4 Kids". Through its “Rising Star” program, it has gifted over 200 instruments to children throughout the last couple of years.

Going forward he’s open to playing at more stadiums but more than that, he is just focused on the music.

“My dad taught me if you want make money with something you love, you got to do it everyday. So that’s what I try to do, I try to put in the work every single day," Wane said. 

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