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Colorado Olympian inspires young figure skaters who train at her rink

Mariah Bell is on her way to Beijing to compete in the Olympics. Not too long ago, she was skating in Westminster.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — As the Winter Olympics get ready to begin, young figure skaters in Colorado are gaining inspiration from Olympians heading to Beijing. 

At the Ice Centre in Westminster, there’s no shortage of Olympic goals.

"I think it’s every little girl’s goal the first time they stop on the ice. Like, I want to go to the Olympics," said Lilah Gibson. The 16-year-old is already on the national development team.

The younger girls hope to be there soon.

"I mean, what skater doesn’t want to make it to the Olympics?" said 11-year-old Violet Beckman. "Every skater, I feel like when they step on the ice, even when they’re beginning, they say I want to make it to the Olympics."

Every twist, turn and jump gets them one step closer.

"When you crash, you always get back up again and try again. It’s all about never giving up," said 13-year-old Tiffany Bunce. "I really hope that one day I can make it to the Olympics just like them."

Hanging above the rink, Mariah Bell’s name provides inspiration. Bell is on her way to Beijing to compete in the Olympics. Not too long ago, she was skating here. Cindy Sullivan was her coach.

"She’s so excited to have this moment of enjoying the Olympics and being an ambassador for our sport," said Sullivan. "All the older skaters are always an inspiration on the ice as well as off the ice."

The girls in Westminster made a video to send Bell off to China with support from here in Colorado.

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