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Cheesman Canyon offers great fly fishing close to Denver

The motto surround Chessman Canyon is Sedalia is if you can catch fish there, you can catch fish anywhere.

SEDALIA, Colo. — Fall offers some of the best fly fishing of the year, and you don't have to go far to get in on the fun.

Cheesman Canyon is one of the best fisheries around.

"It will challenge you with the walk in, not only the fishing," says guide Rob Grisham. "You’ve got to be fit. You’ve got to be ready for a day of two to three miles, if not more."

The upper Cheesman Canyon Trail is a hike, with 475 feet of elevation gain. That’s a tall order for fly fishermen, but the workout is worth it according to Grisham. 

"Just to be in that canyon is... It's one of the most beautiful canyons, I would say, within a couple of hours of Denver," he gushed.

This technical tail water is teeming with trophy trout.   

"The food source that comes out of Cheesman Reservoir makes these fish nice and fat. They’re also very educated, which makes this a real challenge," Grisham said with a smile.

What they say about Cheesman Canyon is: If you can catch fish here, you can catch fish anywhere.

"That could be true, but small flies and patience -- that’s really what Cheesman’s all about," advised Grisham.

The resident rainbows and browns can leave world class anglers empty handed. So what constitutes a good day on this gold medal water?

"If you can catch a couple of nice fish, that’ll make your day," Grisham said. "If you can do better than that, you’re a superior angler."

Cheesman Canyon is strictly catch and release. Anglers are restricted to flies and lures only.

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