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Record-high revenues result in sea of red at Folsom Field

Colorado's home opener against rival Nebraska will bring record-high revenues to CU, but it will also bring an enormous amount of Husker fans.

BOULDER, Colo. — Colorado will open up its home slate this Saturday against rival Nebraska, but it won't necessarily feel like a typical home field advantage. Despite efforts to "keep the red out of Folsom Field," CU Athletic Director Rick George understands the fan-base he's dealing with.

"We've done everything we can to try to get those tickets in the hands of CU fans," he said. We know that Nebraska travels well and they'll probably have a number of people here."

Nebraska was allotted 3,000 tickets of Folsom Field's total 53,750 seat capacity. However, Nebraska officials anticipate that number will at least double, and tickets are still available on the second-hand market...for a pretty penny.

The lowest ticket price on Stubhub was $244 on Thursday afternoon, with the most expensive seat topping out at $975 in section 107 on the sideline.

"This should be the highest revenue game that we've had in our history," George said. "That should tell you something."

The Buffs anticipate a different atmosphere from a typical home opener. Senior quarterback Steven Montez said he's been preparing his team for any potential situations.

"It'll probably be a little bit louder, there will probably be a lot of Nebraska fans here trying to be loud when we're on offense which is fine," he said. "We've played in loud environments before so it's not going to be any different to us."

While this is looking like more of a neutral game on home turf, there's nothing impartial about the feelings involved.

"I understand how deep this kind of hatred goes for Nebraska," Montez said. "And I know they don't like us either."

Despite the animosity on the field through 60 minutes, veteran players know when it's time to put their emotions aside and prepare for battle.

"I'm excited. I'm going to walk out before the game and get it all out so I don't have to think about it before the game while we're playing," said linebacker and Colorado-native Jonathan Van Diest. "But it's going to be really fun and I'm excited for the fans to enjoy it and just bring a good college atmosphere back to CU."

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