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Sports betting is legal in Colorado. Here's what you can bet on today

Live sports are nearly impossible to find so here's a look at what you can bet on right now.

DENVER — Sports betting is now legal in Colorado but the new rule went into effect with little fanfare. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and fears about spreading the virus, almost no professional teams are playing right now.

Four of six internet operators now licensed in Colorado began taking bets at 10 a.m. Friday.

So we were wondering what CAN you bet on with almost no live sports? Turns out there are a few things if you've been waiting excitedly for this exact moment!

A quick look at FanDuel's page shows that table tennis matches are ongoing right now in the Moscow LIGA Pro and the Sekta Cup (as of noon on May 1). If you want to ditch the table and go for the real thing, you can also bet right now on real tennis matches that are happening live!

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You can also bet on darts.

Even though live sports aren't happening, that doesn't mean you can't place future bets. You can wager now on whether you think the Denver Broncos will make the playoffs (or another team if the Broncos aren't your cup of tea).

It's the same thing with baseball. Assuming a season actually happens, you can bet on which teams will make it to the World Series this fall. (here's to hoping, right!)

While they're not happening now (and we have no guarantees) multiple UFC fights are scheduled to take place on May 9.

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There also some soccer matches scheduled for Saturday in Belarus if you want to get in on that action. 

Or, you can look way out and bet whether the U.S. Men's Soccer team will qualify for the 2022 World Cup (hopefully, we see live sports before then). 



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