In addition to the trouble suspected in the high country over the weekend, the Colorado Department of Transportation wants to make sure everyone's ready for an ugly commute Friday evening.

Two words, one meaning: freezing drizzle (the meaning is frustration). Commutes will take longer, and if there's an accident, MUCH longer.

CDOT says up to 0.05 inches of freezing drizzle could glaze the entire Denver metro right when everyone's heading home for an enjoyable (and chilly) weekend.

Areas that need to be ready for bad traffic are Interstate 25 north, Interstate 76 and Interstate 70 toward the Eastern Plains, CDOT says.

You are all asked to drive slower and leave plenty of space between vehicles in preparation for the drizzle.

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CDOT, thankfully, will have over 100 plows out and about applying deicing products until the storm system has passed.

Remember: you are not supposed to pass plows on the right for your own safety and the safety of the plow driver.

Be aware: Check out our traffic center for exact conditions on roads and if there are any accidents that might ruin your evening.

Be safe: It's always good to bone up on winter driving techniques - even if you're a hardened native - because what could a friendly reminder hurt?

Be patient: Weather is out of our control. So are the actions of other motorists. It's important to control only what you can; drive safe, drive smart and know that no one's excited about the weather.