COLORADO, USA — "Winter is coming." "So it begins." "They're here." The movie and TV references for a storm like this are already all over social media. Some are better than others.

To anyone scrolling through their Twitter feed (who also follows some of Colorado's numerous first responder and law enforcement agencies), it's clear Colorado State Patrol, the Aurora Police Department and many others were joining in on a bit of fun before the storm.

But underlying their messages and jokes is a very clear message: Please — whatever you do — stay off the roads. Don't drive. Period.

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Here's a look at local public agency's social media warnings in regards to Wednesday's blizzard:

Denver's Office of Emergency Management

Fort Collins Police Services

Aurora Police Department

APD has had a charming back-and-forth with Kyle Clark (who, sources say, might NOT actually like pictures of patios covered in snow). They cleaned things up a bit to offer this very real reminder:

CSP Golden

Windsor Severance Fire Rescue

Falcon Fire Department

Cherry Hills Police Department

North Metro Fire

Colorado Springs Fire Department

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office has a helpful reminder with bullet points for anyone who might need it.

Colorado State Patrol

This is serious to CSP: The statewide highway patrol agency is directly appealing to employers to let workers go home early and miss out on potential work due to a storm.

When adverse weather hits, troopers often have to come get motorists when they get stuck. And there have been instances where they have lost their lives trying to help their fellow Coloradans — lives that we will never get back.

Cpl. Dan Groves was hit by a car on Interstate 76 near Roggen during the March blizzard. He was outside of his vehicle helping a driver who'd slid off the road. 

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