Two adorable baby animals at the Denver Zoo are celebrating their first Christmas … and Sunday we learned a startling revelation about one of them.

You might remember Dobby, the “happy accident” of a giraffe that was born at the Denver Zoo this spring. He'll be sticking around in the Mile High City because sadly, he'll never get to be a dad, but we all love him and are so glad we get to watch him grow up.

However, he apparently has a dark side.

The Denver Zoo posted photos on their Facebook page of Dobby and Forest, a rare okapi calf born at the Denver Zoo.

Dobby, per their analysis, is on the “naughty list” – a crushing blow to anyone who believes in the innate good of baby giraffes.

Forest, however, is not naughty and will be getting presents this year.

The placement of the hat on him also shows the Denver Zoo might have something to say about his … personality.

Forrest is nice. And the hat is on his ... assets.

Of course, if you believe in stories of redemption, we hope that Dobby changes his ways in the coming years to become the giraffe we all knew he was meant to be.

As for you, Forest: keep doing you. Sounds like you've got things figured out.


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