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Proctor's Garden: Shop for seeds now

Find what you want before certain varieties sell out.

DENVER — Seed catalogues are arriving in the mail. I love pouring through them and making my selections. I then order online.

You can request seed catalogues online easily. Local garden centers also carry a wide selection of seeds. Find what you want before certain varieties sell out. 

Some plants need a very early start. These include pansies, petunias, snapdragons and artichokes. But it's a mistake to start most plants this early. The seed packets will guide you on when to sow the seed.

Get your equipment in shape. You'll need to wash trays, plastic cell packs and clear dome covers. I do this in the kitchen sink, adding a few drops of bleach to the hot, soapy water.

You may also want to consider a heat mat that goes under the seed trays. It keeps the soil warm and helps to speed germination.

If you've never grown seeds before, try a test batch of lettuce or oat grass for your cats. You'll get comfortable with the process and build your confidence. 

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