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29 things that only people who live in Colorado know

One way to tell if someone lives in Colorado? They love living in Colorado (and talking about it).

DENVER — There’s this meme going around everywhere asking people to tell the internet where they live without saying it explicitly.

And given Colorado’s perhaps unique affinity for loving/hating Subarus, the Tree Farm jingle (“… take I-25 to exit 235), transplants, legal marijuana, our crazy weather and a Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita, we figured people would have fun weighing in.

As usual, people on the 9NEWS Facebook and Instagram delivered. Here are some of their funniest answers (for the record, mine was: "I went to Whole Foods at 8 a.m. on a Saturday to snag a KBCO Studio C CD while my bearded, flannel-loving boyfriend and golden retriever waited in my Subaru"). 

You can add your own witty retorts on Facebook or Instagram.

> Watch the video above for some amazing timelapse scenes from Denver. 

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On the weather... 

"I always leave a pair of flip flops and snow boots in my car along with a pair of shorts and jeans... cuz there’s no telling with the weather if I’m dressed appropriately at any given moment." - Michelle Lozano  

"My house faces south. If it snows, it is melted off by afternoon. My neighbors across the street? Well let’s just say you can ice skate on their driveway a month after it snows!!!" - Shannon Miller  

"I like to turn on my heat full blast and scrape the ice off my windshield while in full artic gear in the a.m., only to change out to a tank top and shorts and run my AC by the end of the day." - Nicole Rau 

"I have four seasons worth of clothes in my car at all times." - Amy Branson

"If I can smell Greeley, I know bad weather is coming." Kendra Warner

On Colorado's diverse local businesses... 

"When I grow up, I want to work at alfalfas." - Erin Mikkelson

"I eat in a restaurant shaped like a four-story wedding cake. I hate it, but I manage to find myself there every few years anyway." - Danny Lopez

"In elementary school we had an annual field trip to Casa Bonita." - Angel Higginbotham

"I grew up with Bennigan's and the Trail Dust Steakhouse along with the Organ Grinder restaurant." - Kristi Adducci (editor's note: RIP TRAIL DUST SLIDE)  

"Raise the flag for sopapillas." - Mike Markin

"I've got a friend in the diamond business." - Ryan Lewis


"I'm from Southern California." - Austin J. Kirkland 

"I brag about being a "native" despite only living here for five years." - Tyler Spencer

"Both my neighbors are from LA." - Bryan Rudy

Subaru owners...

"I own a Subaru with a left hand brewery sticker on it and my dog loves to go for drives." - Noemi Winn

"The other day I was cut off by a guy running a red light going straight in the right turn lane only to turn into a Starbucks." - Anthony Volpe (EDITOR'S NOTE: He didn't explicitly say this was a Subaru but probability says it was probably a Subaru) 

"I get frustrated often while driving because of the copious amount of Subarus driving 10 mph under the speed limits in fast lanes..." - Scott Jarvis  

"I have a Subaru Outback with my stick family, coexist and native stickers in the back window." - Shane Moore

"My neighbor has a $500 Subaru with a $5,000 Cervelo on the roof rack," Bryan Mack.  

That Rocky Mountain High... 

"'Why does downtown always smell like a skunk, mom?' Oddly, I said that to my mom in the 80s and my son said it to me the other day." - Cora Reynolds

"I live near a landlocked swarm of hippies at an elevated position that I fear will break containment." - Ryan Adler

"Smells heading east on Interstate 70 in order: Dog food, bread, marijuana," Andrew Carillo. 

If you know, you know... 

"I golfed nine holes this morning at Fox Hollow then drove an hour to hit the slopes at A-Basin this afternoon with a bacon Bloody Mary waiting for me in the Alley Bar for happy hour." - Kristi Pohly  

"'Towards the mountains' is an actual direction." - William Martin

"I’m going to take a mental health day on Wednesday and hit the slopes." - Carrie Briscoe

"You don't know populations of cities, but you know the elevations of them." - Elizabeth Asplund 

"I pay $2,000 for a studio apartment with 300 square feet of room." - Ray Donovan

"I pronounce mountain and fountain without the 't' sound." - Jennifer Kelly 

"I was late for work because of sheep in the road." - Gina Schulz 

But really ... can't we all agree we're the luckiest people on earth?

"I live in a state of majestic mountains, shimmering lakes, mighty rivers to babbling brooks, with an incredible diverse group of cities, towns, farms and wildlife that revel in the beauty that I call home." - Val Fischer-Pallansch 

Credit: Cindy Hughes
Another gorgeous Colorado sunset in Aurora Credit: Cindy Hughes



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