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Schools, youth activities account for 19 new COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado

There are 622 active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado. At the height of the winter third wave, there were more than 1,200.

DENVER — Fifty-nine new COVID-19 outbreaks were added to this week's list from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and 19 of them involved schools, childcare or youth sports. 

Two of the outbreaks added since last week's list happened at spas, five involved retailers, and three involved assisted living or nursing homes. Others were reported everywhere from restaurants to indoor offices. 

One death has been associated with a new nursing home outbreak in El Paso County, according to the data. That's the only death tied to the outbreaks reported from March 10 to March 17. 

The new outbreaks are relatively small compared to others during the pandemic. The largest of the new outbreaks involved 26 students and three employees at Valor Christian High School, and the second included two positive COVID-19 cases among staff and 17 among attendees at Durango Gymnastic, CDPHE's data says. 

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By comparison, the largest active outbreak at a K-12 school involved 68 people. 

Two cases of the novel coronavirus constitute an outbreak, and the numbers are cumulative, meaning if an entity has a certain number of cases, that doesn't mean all those people were sick at once.

For an outbreak to be resolved, CDPHE said 28 days must pass with no new illnesses.

As of this week, 3,509 outbreaks are listed as resolved. 

There have been 2,537 COVID-19 deaths associated with the resolved outbreaks in the state, and 126 tied to those that are still active, according to the data. 

Keep reading for a look at active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado by category. Click here for CDPHE's full list and information about incidents listed as resolved. 

The map below shows outbreaks by type and location. 


There are 148 active COVID-19 outbreaks at K-12 schools in Colorado, according to the data. 

This has led to 247 cases among staff and 1,191 among students. No deaths have been associated with the active outbreaks at schools. 

Efforts are currently underway to vaccinate teachers in Colorado. 

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See the full list of school outbreaks below. 

Youth sports

There are 21 active COVID-19 outbreaks associated with youth sports in Colorado, resulting in 38 cases among employees and 199 among attendees. 

No deaths have been associated with these outbreaks. 

See a full list below. 

Grocery stores

There are 20 active COVID-19 outbreaks among employees at grocery stores in Colorado. No attendee cases have been linked to these outbreaks.

The largest outbreak -- at a King Soopers in Adams County -- has been active since June and involves 81 employees, according to the data. 

See the full list of grocery store outbreaks below. 


There are 32 active COVID-19 outbreaks tied to restaurants in Colorado, with 277 cases among employees and one among an attendee. 

No deaths have been tied to restaurant outbreaks. 

Restaurant employees are eligible to begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines starting Friday. 

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See the full list of restaurant outbreaks below. 


Some of the largest work-related COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado have happened at retailers, including the Home Depot, Target, American Furniture Warehouse and Walmart. 

There are currently 42 active COVID-19 outbreaks in this category in Colorado, with 779 cases among employees and one death at a Walmart in El Paso County. 

No cases among customers have been tied to these outbreaks. 

Read the full list of retailer outbreaks below. 


There are 71 active COVID-19 outbreaks associated with healthcare in Colorado, leading to 1,488 cases among residents and employees and 116 deaths. 

Heathcare workers and people living in nursing homes were among the first to receive COVID-19 vaccines, and more recent outbreaks are smaller than the ones earlier in the pandemic. 

See the full list of active healthcare outbreaks below. 



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