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Co-owner: Gun store isn't offering range passes in exchange for signatures on Polis recall petition

The co-owner of Douglas County Firearms said he realized there had been a misunderstanding and clarified the post.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office is reviewing a number of complaints it received after a Facebook post circulated that some thought implied a Douglas County firearms store was offering two free passes to its gun range in exchange for signatures on a petition to recall Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado).

Josh Barton, the co-owner of Douglas County Firearms, said they are not offering free passes or incentives for signing the petition, and he clarified the Facebook post after he realized it was misleading.

Barton said the range always offers free passes to first time visitors. There is a copy of the recall petition on the property for people to sign.

It is prohibited to offer anything of value in exchange for a signature on a petition, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. Being found guilty of offering or accepting a bribe to sign a petition or any other election paper is a misdemeanor.

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The group Dismiss Polis submitted its petition to the Secretary of State’s Office last week, and now has 60 days to collect the 631,266 signatures needed to get the recall on the ballot.

This requires 10,500 signatures a day.

In the petition, Dismiss Polis lists the governor’s support of the National Popular Vote Act, oil and gas legislation, sex education policies, and the Red Flag law as grounds for the recall.

Dismiss Polis couldn’t submit the recall petition to the Secretary of State’s Office until Polis had been in office for six months.

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