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Coloradans who want in on vaccine sweepstakes say database is missing their names

Some people say they cannot find their vaccination record on the Colorado Immunization Information System, the database for the sweepstakes.

DENVER — Just because you cannot find your vaccination record in the state's website, that does not mean it does not exist… according to the state.

So many have reached out saying that they cannot find their vaccination record on the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS). That system is the basis for who will be entered in the state's five $1 million drawings for being vaccinated.

"Today we tried and it said, 'no records,'" said Merri Crawford.

Crawford and her husband are both vaccinated, and neither can find their record on the state's CIIS.

"My concern is that a lot of people did the right thing and got their vaccines, and now they're not eligible because the deadline's on Tuesday and that means the state has one working day to fix this," said Crawford.

To be eligible for next Friday's drawing, you need to have to be at least 18 and be a resident of Colorado and have one vaccine dose by Tuesday night.

The state will announce a $1 million winner over the next four Fridays and then on Monday, July 7.

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You can qualify for future drawings, as long as you are vaccinated Tuesday night the week of the drawing. To be eligible by the final drawing, you need to have at least one vaccine dose by June 30.

"I called the Help Desk, the CIIS Help Desk, and got a recording that said I could leave a message, but that it would be faster, they would have more availability to respond, if I sent an email, which I did. I haven't gotten a response yet," said Jacqueline Hooper.

Hooper suspects her issue is that her vaccine card does not have her birthday listed, and perhaps her vaccine provider did not include her birthday when uploading her vaccine information.

A spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) said in an email that just because someone cannot find their record does not mean they are not in the database.

"The primary issue is connected to a mismatch between how the provider entered an individual’s information in the database and how individuals are entering it in the portal. All fields for name, date of birth, gender, address, email and/or phone number must match exactly or the portal will not find the record. If there is a typo in the CIIS entry, the individual still is eligible for the drawing. Anyone having difficulty accessing their information can contact their vaccine provider to determine how the information was entered or contact the CIIS Help Desk."

Hooper's concerns go beyond the $1 million drawings.

"If I wanted to replace my card, if I were to lose it, if I can't find myself, how are they going to find me?" said Hooper.

The CDPHE spokeswoman said that will not be a problem.

"We believe individuals who have been vaccinated are captured in the Colorado Immunization Information System even if they have difficulty confirming their vaccination in the portal. If an individual was vaccinated but cannot access their vaccine records through the portal, they can contact their vaccine provider to get a replacement card or they can contact the CIIS Help Desk."

A question some residents had earlier in the week were about getting a vaccination at a VA clinic.

A CDPHE spokesman said that those who got vaccinated at a VA will be included in the drawings.

"We have worked closely with the Veteran’s Administration to find a solution with their eligibility in the upcoming $1 million drawings, and we are pleased to announce that individuals vaccinated through the VA will be eligible. Discussions with the Department of Defense are ongoing, and we are confident we will have more positive news to report soon. We will provide more details when they become available."

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