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Glendale Raptors are now the Colorado Raptors

Colorado’s Major League Rugby team says they are rebranding to embrace all of Colorado.
Credit: Colorado Raptors

GLENDALE, Colo. — Colorado’s Major League Rugby (MLR) team Glendale Raptors announced Thursday they are rebranding as the Colorado Raptors.

In addition to the name change, the Raptors' logo has been updated to incorporate the Colorado name with nods to the iconic state flag.

“We are excited to share this team with all of Colorado and help spread the excitement of Major League Rugby across the state,” said Pam Dunbar, Director of Marketing for the Raptors.

The Colorado Raptors, who play at Infinity Park in Glendale, have hosted local and international rugby events since 2007.

“Several other rugby team names represent their entire state or region,” said Mark Bullock, Colorado Raptors’ Director of Rugby. “We are Colorado’s Major League Rugby team – why not make that official?”

Major League Rugby began in 2018 with 7 teams and has now grown to 12 teams located across North America.

The home opener for the Colorado Raptors will be Feb. 22, 2020.

Colorado Raptors Home 2020 Season schedule

  • February 22 vs. Nola Gold
  • February 29 vs. Utah Warriors
  • March 6 vs. Toronto Arrows
  • March 21 vs. Austin Herd
  • April 18 vs. Houston Sabercats
  • May 2 vs. ATL Rugby
  • May 23 vs. Seattle Seawolves
  • May 30 vs. San Diego Legion

For more information about the Colorado Raptors, including tickets and partnership opportunities available, visit ColoradoRaptors.com.

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