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Brittany Bowlen looking forward to 'getting back to Broncos' and meeting with Joe Ellis next week

Brittany Bowlen attended Alzheimer's Day at Broncos training camp Sunday. She and Ellis will meet this week to go over her job description with team.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Brittany Bowlen is ready to sit down with Broncos’ chief executive officer Joe Ellis to go over the game plan for her return.

“Absolutely. Really looking forward to sitting down and getting back to the Broncos,’’ Brittany Bowlen said in a one-on-one interview with 9NEWS Sunday.

Her return to the Broncos in an executive role, she said, would occur before season’s end.

Ellis told 9NEWS on the opening of the Broncos’ training camp Thursday morning he was going to sit down with Brittany this week and go over her job description and timing of her return.

Until then, Brittany will finish up her one full year of working with McKinsey & Co., a worldwide management consulting firm. Her personal calendar includes getting married in mid-September, take a nice honeymoon and come back ready to work for the Broncos in a senior management position.

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Brittany has stated she would eventually like to her way to one day succeeding her father as the Broncos’ chief owner, although at the same time she emphasized she has a lot of work to do before she can realize her goal.

She was standing next to her fiancé Alex on the concourse up from  the Broncos’ practice fields on a hot, bright Sunday morning, greeting fans as they walked in. Fans who dropped money into the donation containers Brittany and Alex were each holding received some words of gratitude.

It was Alzheimer’s Awareness Day at Broncos training camp Sunday with the team matching all cash donations.

“There are a lot of fans showing up in their purple, which means they looked up what the practice was about today,’’ Brittany said. “And they knew that we were going to be honoring the Alzheimer’s Association and chose to come out and support and raise donations with us. That means a lot.’’

She was also joined by brothers Patrick and Johnny and later Lil Bel in greeting many from the crowd of 3,691 who attended the camp workout.

Think of how personal the fight against Alzheimer’s is to the five youngest Bowlen kids. Not only did their father, Broncos’ Hall of Fame owner Pat Bowlen, recently pass away from the disease, it was announced last year their mother Annabel is also battling Alzheimer’s.

“But it brought us together in a way that no one ever thought would be possible,’’ Patrick Bowlen said. “We’re extremely strong now and we’re going to keep fighting for my mom and for anyone else.’’

Said Brittany of Alzheimer’s hitting both her mom and dad: “It’s really hard but we’ve also met other families that have had multiple loved ones afflicted with this disability. We find support from them and know that by raising money and encouraging research that we can help find the end to Alzheimer’s. We just have to have hope.’’

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