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Voices of Change: Your stories, and how they are changing our community

9NEWS is working to feature minority voices telling stories of change happening within our communities.

DENVER — It’s abundantly clear in today’s world, there’s a lot more room for diversity and inclusion.

This is true across various industries, in our schools, in our neighborhoods – and in so many other places, including some of our own homes.

The news industry is not exempt; 9NEWS is not exempt.

When people of color turn on the news, most of the time they do not see a good representation of their own communities. That’s true in many places across the country, and even more so here in Colorado.

According to U.S. Census data from 2019, Colorado is made up of around 67% white people who have no Hispanic or Latino heritage.

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Nearly 22% of our population is Hispanic or Latino, and about 5% are Black, and their voices need to be heard just as much as the majority.

The exclusion doesn't end with people of color. People within the LGBTQ community are still fighting for the same rights as many other Americans. Just recently, this group received protections from discrimination at work with a historic U.S. Supreme Court vote.

These are just a few of the recent issues currently facing some people in our community.

9NEWS needs to help amplify the voices of the minority. We have a job to give a platform to the people in our community who are working to provoke change, and build an equitable, inclusive and flourishing Colorado.

We need to share their stories. Some of them may be uncomfortable, some of them may make you cry, while others may make you smile.

All of them need to be shared.

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All of them will help us grow and understand; All of them will help us work together to change a system that needs to evolve from its past to become more accepting and equal of people of all colors.

Their stories need to be heard, and right now, 9NEWS needs to do a better job sharing their stories

So, this is where we start: with the Voices of Change, a series of stories that bring us the perspective of different community members that are contributing to the same goal of building an equitable, inclusive and flourishing Colorado.

Listening to these stories isn’t always easy, but it is important.

Tell us about someone who is making a difference in your community by texting 303-871-1491 or by uploading to Near Me on the 9NEWS app.

You can also fill out the form below: 

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