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3 suspects wanted for 3 arsons in Erie

"You could really cause a lot of harm and potentially threaten people's lives with that kind of behavior," a homeowner said.

ERIE, Colo. — Over the last month, there have been three fires intentionally set in Erie. Police said they are looking for three people connected to the arsons.  

The first fire was reported on Nov. 11 around 2 a.m. The two most recent fires were reported just a half-mile down the road from the initial fire on Harris Court. That incident happened around 6 p.m. on Nov. 21.

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“You could really cause a lot of harm and potentially threaten people’s lives with that kind of behavior,” Jill Goodwin-Helgerson, a homeowner impacted by one of the arsons, said.

Goodwin-Helgerson and her husband spotted the suspects on their phone surveillance app. She said they witnessed the three light a bag full of yard debris on fire at her front door before running off. 

“We basically went running out the door and he grabbed the bag and went running into the driveway and put it out and noticed another bag just across the street on fire,” Goodwin-Helgerson said. 

“Like why us? Why were we targeted? Why were the other homes? I mean it seems random. I can’t think of anybody or any reason why we would be a target of anything.”

>> Video below: Security camera video shows three people lighting fire on front porch

Erie Police are looking for help in identifying the people. 

“Very disheartening,” Goodwin-Helgerson said. “All the possibilities of what could have happened had we not literally been out the door in seconds, how bad it could have quickly been.” 

On Dec. 2, the police department released new video showing the suspects near the 900-block of Weston Circle. Police said this video was captured in full color, and shows the suspects' hoodies were white or grey. 

Arson Investigation Ongoing Erie Police Department Detectives urge anyone who has information about the arson committed recently in Erie to submit tips directly to investigators. In newly received video footage, the persons of interest depicted are near the 900 block of Weston Circle. This view was captured in full color, and contrary to what was previously believed to be black hoodies with infrared video, investigators believe the hoodies to be white or grey. Arson is a serious crime. It can injure people, destroy property, and destabilize neighborhoods. When fire-setting involves juveniles, early intervention is critical. In addition, young arsonists often benefit from professional help to communicate and deal with anger or trauma in less dangerous ways. Tips may be submitted to Detective Sergeant Robert Vesco at rvesco@erieco.gov or Detective Shannon Crow scrow@erieco.gov, or 303-926-2827. For more information about the characteristics of arsonists, and youth-set fires, visit: https://www.erieco.gov/1923/Arsonists.

Posted by Town of Erie Police Department on Thursday, December 2, 2021

Anyone with information on the arsons or the people in the photos is asked to call Erie Police through Boulder County dispatch at (303) 441-4444.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously to Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at info@nococrimestoppers.com or 1-800-222-8477. 

Calls to the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers are not recorded, and the phone does not have caller ID, according to the NoCoCrimestoppers website. A coordinator completes a tips information form, makes initial inquiries and passes the information along to investigators. 

A two-way dialogue system online also allows tipsters to come back and provide additional information and ask questions.  

A community board of directors meets regularly to evaluate arrests and determine reward amounts. 

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