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Here are the fall plans for Colorado school districts

Districts are offering a variety of in-person, remote and hybrid options for students.

DENVER — School districts across the state are working to determine what exactly learning will look like as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus forced the closure of all school buildings across the state in the spring and forced schools to end the year with remote learning. Now they're making plans for the fall and many school districts have said they will reopen for in-person at least for some students, while also making contingency plans in the event that buildings need to close again in the future.

>> Video above: The science behind kids going back to school.

Below is a roundup of the plans for school districts:

27J Schools

Parents in the Brighton school district can choose between two options:

  • In-person learning four days a week for elementary students and in-person learning every other day for middle and high school students.
  • Remote learning four days a week for all students

Once an option is chosen, the district asks that parents commit to that decision for the entire semester.

>>Read the full plan here

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora Public School (APS) will be 100% remote for the first quarter of the new school year. 

The district is also delaying the start of the school year to provide professional development for teachers and school staff about remote learning, curricular resources and health guidelines. Students in grades 1-12 will begin on Aug. 18 and students in preschool and kindergarten will start on Aug. 24.

A spokesperson for the district said the first quarter ends on Oct. 8. During those first 8 weeks, students will not be returning to in-person classes. 

The first day of the second quarter for students will be Oct. 12. It is not clear at this point if students will return to the classroom on that date.

>> Read the full plan here.

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Boulder Valley School District

Boulder Valley has identified 5 possible phases of reopening and plans to start in phase 1, which involves completely remote learning. 

The district in July planned to open in phase 3 but then shifted in early August to a phase 1 plan. 

The district will also open one week later on Aug. 26 to allow for teacher training and preparation. 

>> Find information about each phase here.

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Cherry Creek School District

The Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) plans to offer a hybrid learning model for middle and high school students and full in-person learning for elementary students. An online option will be available for those families who don't feel comfortable sending their children to school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Middle and high school students who choose the hybrid option will come into school two days a week and learn from home the other three days. 

A requirement to wear masks, temperatures checks, block scheduling, no lockers and no field trips are among the many changes that will be put in place when students return.

>> You can read the full plan and see any updates here.

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Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools (DPS) will only offer remote learning through at least the first quarter, with school set to begin Aug. 24. The district said they then plan to gradually return to in-person classes with an option for families to choose to continue online learning instead.

K-12 teachers will return Aug. 10 for a week of training, and then use the week of Aug. 17 to connect with students and plan for remote learning.

>> You can find the latest and read the full plans here.

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Douglas County School District

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) plans to return this fall via a hybrid model involving in-person and remote learning.

The first week of school (the week of Aug. 17) will be a student orientation week where only 20% of students attend school each day (20% of students attend on Monday, 20% on Tuesday, etc).

More details will be provided to the community in the coming days, including details about an upcoming process where families can select either the hybrid or 100% eLearning option.

>> Read the details of the return-to-school plan here.

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Eaton School District RE-2

In May of the district formed six task forces representing parents, board members, and staff.

Each group reviewed current federal, state, and county guidelines and orders to develop a flexible plan to ensure we are prepared for the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current draft plan operates under the assumption that students will all attend with normal class sizes and schedules.

An online option will be available for families that request that option.

>> Read the plan here.

Englewood Schools

The current for return to school in Englewood is for both in-person and fully online learning, according to post on the district website.

The first day of school for both options will be Aug. 27.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Families can choose between in-person learning or eLearning from home through the Englewood eLearning online program
  • Students and staff members returning to in-person learning will have daily wellness checks, including but not limited to temperature screenings
  • Students and staff members returning to in-person learning are expected to follow all current health guidelines including wearing masks and staying the recommended distance apart
  • Students will be grouped within “cohorts” to minimize exposure and to help with contact tracing in case of a positive case of COVID-19

>> Read the full plan here

Greeley-Evans School District

The Greeley-Evans School District is planning to reopen for in-person learning in the fall.

School will begin for students in grades 1-12 on Monday, Aug. 17. School will begin for Kindergarten students on Wednesday, Aug. 19.  

The district will be offering online learning for families that prefer that option.

>> Read the full back-to-school plan here.

Jefferson County School District

Jeffco Public Schools will open with 100% remote learning for a two-week period beginning August 24 through September 4, according a note sent from the district the afternoon of July 23. 

On Sept. 8, the district plans to open elementary schools (PreK-5) with 100% in-person and 100% remote options for families. For secondary schools (grades 6-12), they plan on opening with a hybrid schedule providing alternating days (A/B groups) of in-person learning and a 100% remote option for families.

>> Click/tap here for the latest on their plans.

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Littleton School District

Classes in Littleton will now begin on Aug. 24 instead of Aug. 13, as originally planned, according to the superintendent.

They'll also offer in-person and 100% online classes for the coming year, but during certain times of the school year students may be able to transition back to in-person learning. 

While details weren't released, the district said due to physical distancing limitations on buses it would be necessary for "significantly more" parents to transport their students to and from school.  

>> The full plans and any updates can be found here.

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Mapleton Public Schools

In early June, the Mapleton Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution in to reopen on Aug. 27, with in-person, five-days-a-week instruction.

They'll also offer students the option to enroll in Mapleton Online, a new K-12 online school that will focus on standards-based, project-based, and individualized learning.

>> Find the latest on their plans here

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Poudre School District

The Poudre School District will be closed to in-person learning until at least Oct. 16, after which district leaders will evaluate the next steps. 

Detailed information on the remote learning plan is expected to be released on Friday, Aug. 7.

The first day of school is now Monday, Aug. 24, for all students. The new start date pushes the start of school back one week from the original Aug. 17 start date.

PSD is prepared for shifting among phases throughout the year, as required or permitted by health officials and conditions. 

 >> Find the latest on the district's plans here.

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Sheridan Schools

When the Sheridan School District reopens, class size will be limited to an average maximum of 12 students in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a draft proposal presented to the school board by Superintendent Pat Sandos. 

School is set to resume in the district on Monday, Aug. 17. The district plans to offer in-person instruction in school classrooms to half of the students in grades six through 12 at one time. When at school, they will receive instruction in core classes such as English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

For example, a class of 24 students would be split into two groups—one in the same room as the teacher, the second group in an adjacent classroom with a paraprofessional, and will participate in class through Zoom.  

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>> Read the full plan here

Thompson Schools

Students in the Thompson School district will be able to return to in-person classes five days a week. A fully online option will also be available for families that prefer it.

>> Read the full plan here.

Weld County RE-1 

The district has been working on a three-option plan in order to provide the flexibility needed to respond to the ever changing conditions.

Option one is for a full-in person learning while option three is limited to fully online learning from home.

Option two would be a hybrid where some in-person instruction is allowed in smaller groups.

A full online option is also available for families to choose. 

The district said its goal is to return to open campus, in-person learning as soon as possible.

>>Read the full plan here

Weld County RE-3J

Weld Re-3J plans to open in August with increased restrictions and a Hybrid Approach with primarily in-person learning but has developed plans for a full in-person learning and full remote learning if necessary.

Under the hybrid plan, all students will be in school buildings Tuesday through Friday. Mondays will be reserved for remote learning, teacher planning, and deep cleaning, according to the district.

A fully online option can also be selected by parents.

>>Read the full plan here

Weld County RE-4

The district will open to full in-person learning with a fully online option available.

They plan to stagger the start of school over two days to help everyone get used the new protocols around getting students into buildings, taking their temperatures, keeping them at a safe physical distance throughout the day, serving lunch in a variety of spaces, implementing enhanced cleaning protocols, and enforcing the use of masks. 

About half of the students will return on Aug 12, with the other half returning on Aug. 13. All students will be in school on Friday, August 14 after which a normal daily schedule will resume.

>>Read the full plan here

Westminster Public Schools

The Westminster Public Schools Board of Education adopted a plan to reopen schools in mid-August with in-person five-day a week instruction while also offering students the option to enroll in the Westminster K-12 Virtual Academy.

The plan to reopen as “close to normal” as possible includes significant safety measures designed to protect the health and well-being of students and staff.

>> Find the latest on their plans here


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